Welcome to ECB
Anon- “There are no shortcuts to 
any place worth going”.


ECB is an application software and services provider focused on creating value for our customers through integrated and comprehensive solutions.

Clients are looking for more than just discrete consulting engagements; they are looking for a complete solution and at ECB we offer our clients an end to end solution in the areas of Strategy, Business Process Management, Systems Integration and Systems management.

We partner with our clients in achieving superior value in 
 the digital economy by aligning the right people, integrating 
 the right  processes and implementing the right systems.
ECB is a company focusing on IT Consulting, Application Development and 
Strategic Sourcing. We are geared to evolve to follow global market trends and 
adapt to our clients’ needs. This strategy is due to our recognition of the positive
impact of technology to our customers’ business performance.                            
Our success and market recognition is brought about by a strictly practiced policy
of maintaining professionalism in all aspects of our business operations and  
relationships with our Customers, Suppliers and Technology Partners